ROUM (spelled as in room) is one of sophisticated design consultant in Surabaya. It brings a simple, modern, yet classy ambience to enhance the life quality to the user. Concerning in customer satisfaction, ROUM put friendliness and punctuality as a priority value to customers.

Ronald Humardani as ROUM principal designer started his first personal project on 2009, one year after graduated from university. His first project was a western-style residence in East Surabaya. The room layout is flowing and easy to reach around the house. The layout is unique, from main entrance it faces pantry instead of living room. Since then, he has been handling various projects in Surabaya, Jakarta, Singapore, and Los Angeles.




Every project in ROUM design is handled by a solid team with excellent prowess, resulted in best suited outcome. Functionalism mixed with style brings you a well, thoughtful design. Added with quality service as complement, ROUM design is more than just ordinary designers.

Name: ROUM

Established: 2009